Room for manufactory, architecture and furniture culture

Ever since 1920, our family business located in the Waldviertel (Lower Austria) stands for quality, innovation and precision. We develop furniture and shape rooms, realise projects for the private and object area. The three „L“s in our brand name WILL define our area of competence very clearly: manufactory, architecture and furniture culture.

WILLL factory crafts furniture with detail and architectural quality and develops new products for the object and private area. Experts of wood processing guarantee perfect precision and selection of veneer trunks as well as assembly of the finished product.

WILLL architecture and interior design develops new ideas from customer impulses, creates new rooms with added value and questions conventional systems in order to craft contemporary objects.

WILLL furniture culture shows the top design of renowned furniture brands. Our longtime collaboration with leading manufacturers guarantees that the highest demands regarding product and service are met.