Good Morning. PureRound

The special thing about „Good Morning – PureRound“ are the round, soft lines which give this bed an unique character. The slightly conical profile of the massive bed bordering prevents any knee bumping, while the bed height of 57 cm allows a comfortable seating position. The softly padded headboard makes reading in bed especially enjoyable. A well thought-out plug-in system allows a fast assembly. You defintely won't need tools for this.


Drei Ideen für besseres Schlafen

Maximise air circulation
Since humans emit moisture to the mattress during sleep, the bed comes with an air interstice spread over the whole long side. This interstice provides perfect venting of the mattress. This way, congestion of moisture cannot develop in the first place.

Minimise energy deficits
The lower, solid larchwood board works against emission deficits of the body which saves the sleeping person 15 % of energy.

Prevent radiation
The special larchwood construction harmonises radiations from the ground and water veins. This makes „Good Morning- Pure“ the ideal space for undisturbed regeneration.